Sunday, December 28, 2014

Finally on our way

Dcecember 28th - First report while underway to the Galapagos.
We were met by the trusty piloto, Pedro, who guided us across the bar at 7am, December 27th. An awfully grey day to begin with, but by noon the sun had come out, and so had our sails. Within two hours of making it into blue water again, 2 trusty dolphins sped us on our way. The winds continued to ramp up, and by evening it was down right uncomfortable, but we were sailing once again, and happy about it. The first couple of days of a passage are always the most annoying....getting back into a 3 hour sleep pattern, having to think about everything you want to do, twice, so that there are no unnecessary movements, trying to position yourself so that the hard bits of the boat aren't too annoying against the soft bits of your body. For me, the hardest part is keeping both Ron and I fed while underway at a 15 degree heel. Consequently, there are a lot of missed meals, which our bodies could use.

When the skies finally started to lighten this morning, the winds were still at 18-22knots, and we were blazing along at 6.5 knots. They've settled down a bit, and we're now moving along nicely at 4.8 knots, in 18 knots of winds, but even better, directly to where we want to go, Puerto Baquerizo, on Isla Cristobal, Galapagos.

Time: 12:40pm, December 28, 2014
Position: 00 05'.839S, 082 41'434W
Skies: sunny
Winds: 16-20 knots
Speed: 4-4.8 knots
COG: 273 degrees
Ground Trip Log: 145 nm

Broken pieces of the boat: Hose came off of forward bilge, and pump was cycing furiously to keep the water going the right way....OUT of the boat, rather than in. Our aft head has always seems to want to back up, when we are underway. A nasty job is ahead of me. All systems are working!!!

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