Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 3 has come and gone...

What does one talk about when the days are pretty much the same? A little reading, a little game playing, a little sleeping, a little eating. Fortunately, and here I could be waking the no-goodnik gods, but the boat is performing swimmingly. Nothing has broken, nothing is a problem, all is well on board. And after 42 hours, we've put 406 miles under the keel with only another ~160 to go.

We've been playing with our newest crew member - Monty. You've heard me talk about all the men that are onboard. John Deere, the engine, Ken More, the sewing machine, Ron Quire, the captain, and we can't forget Ray....Ray Marine, the chartplotter. The brotherhood has been expanded with an additional member of the boys club. Monty, the Monitor Windvane. He's a bit finicky (aren't all boys?!) but with the right amount of patience applied from the rest of the crew, we think he's going to be a keeper. He wants nothing for sustenence, just a bit of wind to make him happy. He's particular about how his lines are run, and how tight they are, and he's a stickler for making sure that the rest of the crew makes sure the sails are properly trimmed, but slowly, slowly, we are working him into regular service.

Aside from a midnight panic on the first night out, when we were faced with fishing lines and buoys and pangas coming at us from all points, the engine has remained off. We like saving all that diesel! We're going to need every drop in the months to come, so not using it now is working in our favour. Unlike in Mexico, and frankly down the entire coast of Central America, the winds have been consistently wonderful. It's great to be using the boat as it was intended...to sail.

Time: 14:40, December 30, 2014
Position: 00 32'.187S, 086 50'.522W
Skies: partly cloudy
Winds: 11-15 knots
Speed: 5.0 knots
COG: 272 degrees
Ground Trip Log: 405.7 nm

Over and out

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