Monday, December 31, 2012

The First New Year's Resolution

One of the best parts of cruising is being able to say goodbye to your past.....past life, past job, past problems, and replace them with new stuff.  A blog was simply too much like my past job in sales and marketing.  I started one when we set off almost 3 years ago, but with limited internet, it quickly became a source of frustration, something I was diligently working at eliminating from my "new" life.  Uploading photos, which everyone loves to see, with slow internet speeds is an exercise in patience, something I initially didn't have much of.  While I'm still crap at the patience part, it has been helpful and entertaining reading the blogs of other cruisers, and I wanted to have something to share as well.  I told Ron that my New Year's Resolution was to start another one up, but like most resolutions, his comment (along with much eye rolling) was...."we'll see."

I'll show him!

Combined with my first hangover of 2013, I sit down to compose a tome worthy of consideration from my family, friends, and fellow cruisers.  (am I done yet?!)