Thursday, May 22, 2014

I was wrong....

....for the first time this year. 

Apparently we still DO have visa issues.  Will find out this afternoon whether we will need to change our plans.  We got a 19 day visa.....which no one has ever heard about. 


  1. Oh, man....we feel your pain (on all types of visas, but especially the Ecuadorian type!!!) Bet you're getting to know Manta week we had to make 3 trips there from Bahia!!! As I recall it was a 3 hour bus ride each way!!! Cheers from the Bravo crew, splashed 2 days ago after 4.5 month haul out!!!!!

  2. So the word yesterday is that we can get a "mariner's visa". Not sure what that is, but if we pay $300 per person, apparently we get another 1 year visa. No heading to Manta, no additional paperwork.... sounds too good to be true, but the money is getting paid tomorrow. An extension would have cost us at least $250/person, so we figure we'll end up being ahead if this goes through. Fingers crossed!