Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Put a light on it!!!!!

Not all of us spent our formative years being immersed in nature.  In fact, I would surmise that the majority of the folks out here cruising have come to love and appreciate the great outdoors during their time living on the ocean.  That being said, as much as we think we may have come to grips with the briny blue and all its inhabitants, sometimes things happen to demonstrate that we’re not quite as comfortable as we may imagine. 

Take the other night, as an example…..

A fish fry was proposed, in true Survivor fashion, over on one of Mogo Mogo’s beaches.   The fishermen in the group did their best, with supplemental sausages thrown in just to make sure that everyone had enough to eat.  As things would have it, flashlights were at a premium, but the good crew onboard Bella Star was sharp enough to bring their Star Wars light saber along to guide their way home after dark.  Sundancer’s crew was not so quick-witted, and as such decided to follow Nicole and Aaron’s dinghy back to the mother ships.  We were not 5 minutes from shore, when up ahead, there was a commotion.  Ron figured they were having a bit of trouble with their new outboard, but when we drew alongside, all we saw in the light of the wildly swinging torch, was much thrashing about.  In a strangled voice we heard Aaron repeatedly scream, “put a light on it, put a light on it.”  Turns out, a monster of the deep, a true kraken to end all krakens, had decided to hitch a ride, and Aaron was having none of it.  While Nicole “put a light on it”, and us as the audience observing his fine form, Aaron huffed and puffed and heaved that 8” needlefish on its merry way. 

It was a true sea story that needed repeating. 


  1. Put a light on it!! Ha! You know, I actually find myself using that phrase quite regularly now. :) Love your account of our minor freak-out!
    s/v Bella Star

  2. I'm enjoying following several blogs and hearing you talk about each other, to each other and with each other. Great story!