Sunday, April 19, 2015

Repairs, why always repairs?

Is it just our boat that is constantly in need of repairs?  When I was a land dweller, I can't remember EVER, in 35 years of paying rent and mortgages, waking up one morning and not having water coming from the faucet.  But that happened the other day here on the boat.  It didn't come out, and the fresh water pump was to blame.  It just decided it didn't want to work.

And then there was that other day that the toilet didn't want to bring in fresh seawater, flushing out the bad......other water.  Just didn't happen. 

And then our little media player, bringing movies and television shows from our computer to our television, just decided it didn't want to play the video.  It just....didn't. 

All this in one week, AT THE DOCK!!!!

If the coffee maker decides it's not going to make coffee tomorrow morning, I wouldn't be surprised. 

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