Saturday, January 24, 2015

We're never bored

Life has yet again, settled into a nice routine.  Ron and I, after living on a boat for 4+ years, seem to need a day of rest in between our bouts of activities.  I guess that's why it's taken us so long to get here - just recently I read a blog talking about a couple that had circumnavigated the globe, taking 5 years, and yet another rally, the World ARC, takes boats around in 15 months.  WTF?  We would NEVER be able to do this.  Must have time to "just live", surely.

With our "one day on, one day off" schedule, we can combine really fun stuff, with still continually working to improve our home.  But the fun stuff is what you really want to hear about, don't you?

Assembling the bikes once again, we headed off to see the Wall of Tears, a short, but uphill, 6 km to a former penal colony.  The Wall of Tears was imposed as a form of punishment, and I surely know that building a random lava rock wall, in the middle of nowhere, for no reason other than to break my spirit....I would be a model prisoner.  Ron's recent posting on Facebook has given rise to many quotes, coming in from all around the globe, referencing Cool Hand Luke....but even "shaking the bush, Boss, shaking the bush" has a purpose.  This wall...not so much.

So terribly pointless

 We continued to explore, and there are a lot of little nooks and crannies to ride the bike, walk, and explore, all not costing a penny.

The obligatory cemetery shot, although a bit sad
Our first lava tunnel
Uh huh, these guys are even cooler than tortoises
Publicity shot for his portfolio
Ron making friends wherever he goes - doesn't the iguana look thrilled?

Yesterday was boogie boarding day.  Just as I'm wading in, Ron yells "SHARK!".  Whipping my head around to check to see if he was laughing, with nary a smirk to be found, I waited a bit.  When he said, "I'm sure they are friendly", I thought good enough.  We both had an excellent time, boogie boarding and body surfing, with our friends the sharks, and each brought home a fantastically painful sunburn.  Surely we have learned....Me, I also rediscovered my intense hatred of sand.  How could I have been a surfer chick for so long with this loathing?  Perhaps because now I have to clean it up when it gets on the boat!!!

Today we just swam from the boat.  We headed across the bahia here, in search of.....whatever.  The most unique thing we found were thousands of baby puffer fish.  Oh, and penguins.  Oh, and rays.  Oh, and sea lions.

Yup, livin' in the zoo.


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