Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ecuador - parte dos

....and head to Baňos.  We utilized all sorts of conveyances.  We started out with a private car/taxi that took us 14 kms down the road to Zumbahua.  A quick burn around town (it was Saturday, and market day) and the bus set off for Latacunga.  We had to head back there, of course, to retrieve the remaining t-shirt we had packed but didn’t want to carry along “the Loop” (we drew the line at sawing our toothbrushes in ½ to dispense with weight, after all we never DID walk, technically).  Back to the bus terminal and a 2 hour run down the road to Ambato, which disgorged us at the wrong terminal to pick up the next bus to Baňos.   We needed to taxi over to another parking lot where various bus lines came roaring in and out with reassuring regularity, and where we queued and jostled for the next bus.  A rapid descent down, down, down, into a gorge that seemed to be never ending.   With windows open, we could feel that the temperatures were climbing, even as we were descending.  Shedding our coats, we disembarked into the waiting arms of another taxi driver, and off to our hostel.  Taxi, bus, bus, taxi, bus, taxi – for the both of us, it cost $16.80.  Ecuador fits right into our budget.

Baňos is known for a few things: waterfalls, melcocha (taffy), hot water and being the gateway to the Amazon.  We loved every bit of its touristy shops, restaurants, and noise, because we were WARM.   Our hostel, while crazily named, Plantas y Blanco (Plants and White) seemed to be of the same hostel chain as one we stayed at in Oaxaca, El Diablo y Sandia (the Devil and the Watermelon).  Reminds me of a Tori Amos song parody….I’m tall, but I’m sick, I’m weak but I’m employed.  “Which of these is not like the other?, somewhat reminiscent of your SATs.   (Funny how after a day of sitting in front of the computer, and hard on your third glass of red wine, word associations seem to come more easily and a bit more randomly).  Have you ever heard me say…

….but I digress.  Now you know why.

Baňos was warm and wet – as is appropriate.  Now let me start by saying we like Ecuador.  As  a matter of fact, coming back to the boat…..oops, forgot was I was going to say.  Damn the wine.  

Yup, good enough.  Let’s POST IT!!!

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