Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back to our land-based Adventures in Peru....

After Machu Picchu, we went to Arequipa, the White City, adjacent to the Colca Canyon and home to the Andean Condor (which we saw and Ron got “THE AWARD WINNING PHOTO”)

and a road that lead to ever-higher altitudes (if you can’t see it, that sign says 4,910 meters, which is 15,957.5 feet - GASP!)  Best high!!!! we’ve both ever had.  

Along the way we spotted the undomesticated vicu┼ła,

the “arrogant” llama,

 and the ever popular and loveable alpaca. 

Ron got to play with a new “toy” the folks brought with them.  Now we will always know where we are, and why we can’t breathe. 

Our first sighting of Lake Titicaca, heading into Puno.  

Peruvian Bulls to bring good luck to the casa.  We would have bought a set for the boat, but couldn’t figure out where we would mount them!

Returning to the ever popular and morbid theme of the trip, we visited Sillustani, yet another burial technique employed by the Inca. 

Ron wants me to make sure that his tomb is THIS BIG!

Traffic Signal, Uros Floating Islands style, Lake Titicaca, Peru.  

In this part of Peru, and into Bolivia, we found out that the feminine ideal of beauty was to be as wide as you are tall. 

Pretty creative with their version of the taxi….

While we were pretty amazed at how traditional (read primitive) these people were, there was evidence of very much being a part of the 21st century.  Plastic bottles degrade a lot slower than reeds, and their buoyancy is renowned in the sailing community around the word.

and recognizing that at this altitude there is plenty of sun, panels were being used to charge everything from lights to television sets on the floating islands.  

Unfortunately, this place above all others in Peru, had thoroughly embraced the money grubbing attitude of “take the tourists for all you can get.”  A ride across the lake in one of the traditional rafts was going to cost $18 for the 5 minute ride, and when a little girl came up to us, unrequested and unsolicited, and proceeded to sing us a song, we were told to pay up.  This is a very interesting place, to be sure, but hang on to your wallets!  

Next stop, Bolivia!

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