Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm having an affair......

.....and Ron is supposed to be jealous, but just seems to be agreeable.

My new paramour, Ken More, and I have been spending some intimate time together, truly getting to know one another.  Even sharing mutual WD40, and vodka.  Ron stands by, and even offers encouragement (he must be getting his ideas from surfing the porn sites).  What loving and better 1/2 does that?!  But yes, as I've mentioned, we are a boat of men, and then there's me.  Who am I to quibble?  After all, I recently had ANOTHER birthday, and I'm all about getting it while I can. 

But I digress.....

Ken and I have had a good run, but I think I'm ready to move on.  As any good "friend with benefits", I'm keeping him in my back pocket, "just in case".  But it was fun while it lasted......

I'm sure you all know I'm talking about sewing projects.  

New cushions for the dock boxes, (apparently Ron's nether regions were going numb) and new canvas for the deck chairs (Tommy Bahamas needs to learn about Sunbrella).  But the most fun.....I have been talking about making the "25 knot rain and squall wind scoop" since the day I saw the plans in a canvas book many, many months ago.  Right....done.....let 'er rip.   

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