Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fun and Games

One of the benefits of bypassing the “if it’s Tuesday, it must be Nicaragua” routine, is that those cruiser’s that take their time, can become a part of a vibrant local social scene.   We’ve been in some fairly rural and unsophisticated communities, and even countries, but Panama is proving to be pretty entertaining.  Of course, it’s reputation of being the most “enlightened” of the Central American cities is aided by a pretty good economy (thank you Panama Canal, and foreign investment), and a burgeoning restoration effort of some of its oldest colonial neighborhoods (Casco Viejo).  

We’ve just been having fun here, and while every once in a while I scare Ron with comments of “I could start a pretty good business here”, or “what do you think of renovating this falling down hunk of history, and selling at a profit?”  Opportunities abound for all of you that are looking for a challenge, with both monetary and emotional benefit. 
For the rest, here’s a brief look at some of the activities we’ve taken part in.

With our partners in crime, the able Admiral and Captain of Knee Deep, Molly and Ben Dolittle respectively, we found ourselves at the International Beer Festival, held downtown in the Atlapa Convention Center.  It was a good thing we thought to bring our radios because the boys kept losing track of each other.  Can you believe that they’ve been able to navigate the last 5000 miles of ocean?

Can you hear me?

Coming in loud and clear
Signal strength is good?

Ya, I gotcha

Don't know why you can't hear me?
You must be close

Being the good pirates that we are, the Bucanero booth was very popular....

And it was downhill from there......

One Saturday, we had excellent front row seats in the La Playita anchorage in Panama City.  Apparently, the organizers thought Sundancer would be an excellent mark to round during their cayuca race.  While not wishing to break our 3 year streak of no exercise, we declined to join in, but we did cheer them on.  


Super Bowl Sunday dawned bright, with runner after runner competing in the Panama leg of the Ironman.  Their course took them along the Amador Causeway, fronting the route into the Canal and within 100 yards of where we were anchored, but our thoughts were instead turning towards GAME DAY, and with any luck we’d have an American cable feed in order to really experience the highlights…..those $1 million commercials.  More fun and frivolity with Knee Deep crew, but Mickey and JP weren’t too impressed with what the 49ers brought to the table. 

Molly was hoping that some of her friends would show up
And then they did!!!!!

The night ended with our group trying to rival the Keystone Cops….”how many idiots can you fit into a taxi?”  We negotiated HARD, got the driver down to $4, and then 5 large adults, and 2 small kids (not including the driver) piled into a car the size of a Toyota Corolla.   
What happens in Panama….....stays in Panama.

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